Packer Bars in Phoenix

So for some reason your stuck in Phoenix and football season is kicking off soon. Where will you go to watch the Packers play? Well, you’re in luck. There are many fine sports bars in Phoenix. But what about real Packer Bars? You know, like the kind of place that is all green and gold with people that are the same as you. A place where real Packer fans go. We have located a few that we think you will enjoy. Granted, many sports bars will insist that they are Packer Bars but just having the game on is not enough. In order to attract the hordes of Packer fans that you see at competing bars, you need to make sure the game is on the big screen and most of all of the other screens with the sound on. You should also be proud that you back the Packers and have a few banners up in the bar. It’s OK if you share space with other teams.

Casey Jones Grill
On most lists this place usually makes it to the top. It helps that one of the owners is a dyed in the wool Packer fan. They have a great central location in North Phoenix near Scottsdale. Get off at Bell Road and go West from the 51. Great food. A great selection of craft beers and nice prices makes for a great game day experience. See Casey Jones Grill info.

G Bar G Lounge
These guys are equally if not more gonzo about the Packers. You can’t miss it. They have yellow hurst parked out side. The front sign has been painted in green and gold to make the Gs stand out for Packer fans. The helmets that have been added are also Packer rivalry favorites which include the Vikings, Lions, and Bear. They must have found a cluster of mid-westerners in Mesa Arizona. Unfortunately they do not have a website but they do have a Facebook page so you can see what I’m talking about.

The Stadium Club
If you are located in the southern Phoenix area then you are also in luck. The Stadium Club is near the corner of Ray and Alma School just East of the 101 freeway. You will find a lot of local Packer fans here. They have a nice selection of beer on tap and a great variety of fare on the menu from burgers to chimichangas. See The Stadium Club info.

So for all of you sports bar owners who are wondering what is up with all these Packer fans, you need to go visit one of these places. All you need is beer, and the big screen tuned to the Packers. Throw up a few Packer banners inside and outside of your establishment. Then be prepared to get packed!

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