Best Tiramisu in Phoenix

If you are like this reviewer, an Italian restaurant isn’t complete without excellent Tiramisu. Plausibly this is one of the best desserts that anyone can order. It makes an already satisfying meal even more memorable. So if you are an Italian Restaurant that does not make its own fresh Tiramisu, you won’t make it to this list.

If you don’t know what Tiramisu is you are in for a delight. Go ahead an order it. You will not be disappointed unless you have had it before and it wasn’t as good. Every Italian restaurant makes Tiramisu differently.

Tiramisu is chiefly a layered dessert, consisting of alternating layers of coffee-soaked Savoiardi biscuits and sweet mixture of mascarpone cheese, eggs and sugar. For each biscuit layer, the Savoiardi are soaked in espresso or strong coffee, often with an addition of a flavorful liquor such as sweet Marsala wine or dark rum.

Each Italian restaurant chef will have his or her own take on it so you will have to be the judge and try to figure out who’s Tiramisu is the one that all others will be measured.

Here are some of the best Italian restaurants in Phoenix that notably have the best Tiramisu:

Caffe Boa
This is not the one on Mill street in Tempe. This is the one in Awahtukee (south of South Mountain). This is a casual cosmopolitan restaurant with a patio outside. While probably more famous for its’ Boa ButterCake, they do a good job on their homemade Tiramisu. Described as not too over done but, a bit heavy and not as airy as other Tiramisu.
Check out Caffe Boa

Christo’s Ristorante
Just north of downtown Phoenix on 7th Street is Christo’s Ristorante. This is a family owned and operated restaurant specializing in Northern Italian and continental cuisine in an elegant atmosphere. Christo’s has award winning Tiramisu so you must put it on your to-do list.
Check out Christo’s Ristorante

Bell’ Italia Pizzeria
This is a pizzeria in Awahtukee, south of Phoenix, and is also family owned and operated. Many have placed their votes on this little cozy Italian Restaurant for having the best homemade Tiramisu.
Check out Bell’ Italia

Babbo Italian Eatery
There are six locations including Cavecreek, Arrowhead, Tempe, Surprise, Mesa and of course Phoenix. This is a casual and inexpensive dining experience. Locals say the Tiramisu is good here. There is probably one near you. Let us know.
Check out Babbo Italian Eatery

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